My life in Blue!

Edit Edit Edit…this is all my brain has been doing for the last few hours, my brain hurts, my brain is tired, maybe I should nap, who knows. 

My eyes feel as though I need to sellotape them open, I can’t decide whether they are open or closed they are so sleeepppyyyy. I have been up since 5am editing my life away for you beautiful people. Fingers crossed it should be up in exactly….54minutes not long peoples. 

It is my May Favourites, so if you would like to watch and and feel free to subscribe and comment and what not, I would very much appreciate this. 

Anyway I thought I would show you my favourite outfit of the month seeing at though I am uploading a video of my May Favourites, it kind of in a small way fits into that aswell :)

Blue top: Country Road (Australia)

Patterned Trousers: H&M

Necklace: From my Nanna for Christmas 

Watch: Fossil


Kisses xoxo

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My life in Blue!

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